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West Hill is...







West Hill is a Hard Rock band.

Due to the influences and techniques, the band's sound is different, original and, thanks to social networks, this sound is appreciated in Brazil and in other countries.
At their concerts the band also plays rock and roll greatest hits, choosing to keep the quality of the songs.

The West Hill appeared in 2004 in the city of Ponta Grossa-PR, when Alamo Balzer (guitar player, lead singer and songwriter), after a music festival in high school, invited three friends to form a new band. The idea was to play a Hard Rock style. He brought to the band his own songs and with the intention to increase the number of own songs in the band's repertoire, were increasingly emerging new compositions.

In the year 2006 the West Hill participated in a Hard Rock festival in its city, which opened many doors for the band. At the same year the band won, along with other bands, a famous contest in town called "generation München". The West Hill began playing in many places around the city and also had the opportunity to play in Curitiba-PR and Itapeva (SP).

In 2009, West Hill added one more element in their sound: the keyboard. This time with four new members, the band took part in some festivals and was featured on a local radio.

In 2010 Kiko Zubek took over the other guitar. This year the West Hill took part in a music festival at the University UTFPR also getting in 1st place.

The band was featured on the site "garage bands" reaching the first place among the hard rock bands with the songs "Flowers don't cry", "Old West Hill" and "Jeans from the eighties". These same three songs were also featured on the site "Stage Mp3" and the international site "Reverbnation".

In 2011 the drummer Fernando Ianck joined the band.

In 2012 the band got the 1st place at the festival of bands in the biggest event of Rock 'n' Roll and motorcycle around the region, called Easy Road. In the year 2013 a new Member, Hildgar Juswiack, takes over the bass in the band. Also this year the band ends recording their first album titled "rockin' in the West Hill".

Currently, the band is launching its first music video and is also working on new compositions to launch the second album.


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